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It costs $22.02 a day to care for the average healthy animal in our care. This amount does not include caring for animals like sweet Benny, a 13 week old Cocker Spaniel. Benny was recently diagnosed with neospora. This is very dangerous in puppies and his titers came back extremely high, which could mean that Benny may lose all mobility in his hind-end. Benny is currently scheduled to be seen by Cornell University on December 19th. We are hopeful that we will be able to identify what Benny's long-term treatment needs will be and we are committed to providing Benny with the care he deserves.

Benny is not an isolated medical case as we have others in care that are also undergoing medical treatment with success; however, this comes with a cost and we need your support to continue saving these precious and innocent lives.

On average, we are rescuing 30 animals per month. By reaching our goal, you will allow us to continue our mission and save 30 lives!

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